“75% Of Businesses Shut Down Due To Lack Of Funding ...While There Are Several Grant Opportunities Waiting To Be Grasped Out There.

Who Else Wants Free Money To Support Their Business, Mission Or Cause?

From The Desk Of Grant Coach, Shanté R. Roddy.

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Dear Friend,

 This was me at the start of the pandemic…


Hands-tied and confused as the economy had impacted so hard on my business.I had so many targets and goals that I wanted to hit in 2020.


I also needed to pivot and scale my business and that meant; a good amount of money had to go in.


So I got to work and sent out highly competitive grant applications.

And trust me, the returns were amazing

I was able to secure over $100,000 in free grant money for my businesses in a space of weeks!


I have then gone on to help over 2000 business owners secure grants worth thousands of dollars in the last 10 months…

Using a simple and duplicatable insider framework that anyone can use to consistently churn out outstanding and highly competitive grant applications.


If you will, I’d like to help you access and secure a few thousands—or even more in free grant money to support and scale your business.

How Do I Intend To Do That?

Well… I already did.

I went all out to record a sizzling-hot masterclass on how you can:

All these and so much more is what I would  be revealing in the:

“Win Grant With Ease Masterclass Bundle

In this masterclass are the very secrets that helped me secure over $100,000 in FREE grant money for my business in just a few weeks.

This also comes with lifetime access…

So you can pick my brain, and make references any time…any day.

Now, how do you know if this Fast-selling Masterclass bundle is YOUR BEST SHOT at securing at least $5000 in grant money… In the next couple of weeks?



Take Grant Awardees…

Katrina who couldn’t help the joy she had in getting the Facebook grant. I bet you many small businesses are not aware there’s such a thing.

Here’s also Monica Smith, who confirmed not knowing about local grants as well, but got approved of $5,000 FREE funding.

Same with Tyra Henderson…


This means that even though I have gone on to secure over $100,000 in grant awards for my business…

You have an even greater chance of surpassing that.


You Don’t Have To Make The Mistakes I Made;

You can apply all of these tips and have a smoother application process


Increase your chances of qualifying and locking in free money to grow your business 

Win Multiple Grants Over And Over Again.

This masterclass would reveal to you a step-by-step framework for consistently putting out multiple, outstanding grant applications with ease and applying for as many grants as you want.

And increase your chances of hitting the jackpot over and over again...

Just like Aeshia Jackson, who was able to secure 5 different grants for her business in just a few months just using the few tips I shared…

And with that, she was able to support her therapy business with grants from…

  1. PPP
  2. EIDL
  3. Paypal
  4. Facebook 
  5. NC Medicaid Providers Grant

Now if she can get this with just a few tips, imagine loads of value you’ll be getting from this masterclass.

Now, You Can Save Thousands Of Dollars You’d Have To Spend Hiring Grant Writers Every Single Time.

Let’s face it

How many times can you afford to hire a grant writer to help you come up with a solid grant application… every time there’s a grant opportunity?

If we’re being honest…

That wouldn’t be financially viable… because your business needs this money to scale.

Now, you are stuck with:

Spending long hours working on one grant application for several days…

Just to end up being denied because you don’t know the key secrets that make an application successful.

Because the truth is…

You can’t keep doing what you’ve been doing and expect a different result.

This is why I have put together this masterclass bundle


 Detailing every single thing that has helped me secure over

$60 Million in Free Grant Money For 2000 Businesses And Counting.

So you can go over it, apply them quickly, and get free funding for your business. 


I’m Shanté R. Roddy. A mastermind, master collaborator, and advocate for women with the desire to see all women WIN! 


My motto is “We’re Better Together”!


I’m proud to lead an online community known as SheBoss Talk of over 25,000 women in business. 

Of which I’ve been able to help over 2000 of them altogether secure over $60 Million in grant awards. 


My mission is to help purpose-driven women entrepreneurs increase their influence, impact, and income to give them more time, results, and freedom to live life without limits.

I Have Been Featured Numerous Times In The Media To  Share My Knowledge… Not Just On Grants, But Also In Business:

I have been recognized as Entrepreneur of the City for National Women’s Small Business Month – October 2020

This puts me in a position to understand how businesses and other organizations need grants and how they can relate their needs in the application process as business persons.

I was also a featured speaker at the virtual Mom Biz Boss Net-Worth brunch – September 2020…

Where I shared lots of valuable information that has helped a lot of Moms in businesses.

What Are People Saying About Me?

Here’s What’s Included In The “Win Grant With Ease Masterclass Bundle”…

Interactive, engaging learning with small business owners just like you... A growth circle of women entrepreneurs nailing it in their businesses.

The real-life grant application process, award and challenge scenarios…

Where I take you by the hand in this course and reveal to you how and what to say to get this free money in your bank account.

Hand-holding instructions and guidance to accessing billions of dollars in FREE funding.

The surprising thing is--- you have no idea some of them existed.

Shared Grant Wins and Success Stories...

You'll Learn How to Qualify for More Grants.

You’ll Learn the Premium Position and Structuring of Your Business to Win.

You’ll Learn to Read a Grant Application Like a Pro.

You'll Learn How to Stand Out Among Competitors...using some of my consistent winning strategies.

You'll Learn How to Submit a Winning Grant Application. Here’s where you learn the Do’s and Don’t of a grant application.

You’ll Find it All In These Packages…

Interactive 2 hour masterclass +  60 minute Q&A video training (mp4) [Valued: $199]

Easy to navigate 51-page ebook on how to win free grant money.[Valued: $49]

Slide deck presentation (pdf) as a reference tool for all that is covered in the master class + additional information and resources.[Valued: $49]

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Now, Why Am I Offering This Discount ….

As you might know already, I share a lot of free stuff on my channel because I want you to grow …


But this time, I decided to go all out and prepare a detailed roadmap so that anyone who picks up this masterclass can go from knowing nothing about grant applications to securing thousands of dollars in free grant money for their business…

There’s Still More…

I’d Like To Throw In Something For The Quick Action Takers, Which Is…

The audio version (mp3) of (the masterclass + training) for listening on the go

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So Secure your gift now!

The “Win grants with ease masterclass bundle” would take the stress and headache out of your grant process.

No long proposals needed…

No writer’s block syndrome…

Get access to this battle-tested framework and…

Learn all the steps required to write a competitive grant application and get FREE money for your business.

You don’t want to lose out on a funding opportunity because you didn’t check all the boxes.

Get it right once and for all.

This is well detailed and a No- Brainer that you’d love to go over again because you don’t want to miss out on the value like my student below…

Did I Just Hear You Say…

I Like All You’ve Shown Me, But What If I Want A Refund?

There isn’t any money-back guarantee attached to this.

But consider this…

When you started your business, you’d not have expected something like a pandemic to hit so hard on it.

Did you?

But you took on the risk and today you’re faced with the challenge. 

And now…

You’re taking this course for you to get similar results as the other businesses I’ve shown you and get your business back to its feet.

 Is that too much of a risk for you to take on?…to keep in existence that business you started.

 But let’s fast forward to a year from now, after taking this course and learning the strategies here…

You apply them to your business and be ahead of your competitors to secure your free money worth over $20,000 like my students.

Would that be a good fit for you?

Imagine how much that fund will do in helping your business grow.

If so, I think what you should be asking now is …

What if this works for me as these other businesses?

What if I get my business up and rising in weeks from now with the grants I can secure…what will that do to my business?

What if I get to have some funds to pay my team? …I’d be able to scale my business and get back to normal.

Now, which do you prefer?

 Let’s say you invest $159.99 for this course. 

Divide that by a year, that is  $0.4 per day. 

Tell me…is that too much to spear for the growth of your business with funds worth over 

 $20,000 in a year from now?

Now Tell Me, which is more important to you?…

  • $0.4 or the growth of your business and scaling.
  • $0.4 or your ability to pay your bills.
  • $0.4 or your ability to pay your employees.

So if growing your business, paying your bills, and also being able to pay your employees is more important to you, then you should click on the button below to get started with the “Win Grant With Ease Masterclass”.

See you on the inside.


Shanté R. Roddy.

P.S: This offer will be available at this special price for a limited time only. I reserve the right to increase the sales price at any time without warning or notice. 

So I’d advise you to grab this opportunity NOW, and have a high chance in securing over $20,000 of free grant money, like most of the members in my community.

Here’s What’s Included In The “Win Grant With Ease Masterclass Bundle”…

You’ll Find it All In These Packages…

A huge 46% OFF! ( You Save $138 Now)
Now, Why Am I Offering This Discount ….
As you might know already, I share a lot of free stuff on my channel because I want you to grow … But this time, I decided to go all out and prepare a detailed roadmap so that anyone who picks up this masterclass can go from knowing nothing about grant applications to securing thousands of dollars in free grant money for their business…


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